The Inner Circle - Friends, Family and Community

The second group of issues to consider are those that involve our 'inner circle'. That is family, friends and community with whom we are in regular contact. It is difficult to entirely separate 'inner circle' issues from personal issues because there is obviously an overlap.

Obviously most of us, most of the time, find that our inner circle provides us with major benefits in terms of our social life. These fulfil some our higher human needs (see Maslow's Hierarchy and Attachment Theory) and most religions including Islam incorporate these items into their practices, because they were developed by humans with a good empirical understanding of these needs.

However, sometimes things go wrong. There are some ways things that tend to go wrong, that apply mostly to Islamic communities and we'll take a look at these.
  • Honour Based Violence (HBV).
  • How coercion is applied to ensure conformance to local norms.
  • Morals and legislation.

Again, we cannot possibly hope to cover this in depth here - just raise a few items for consideration in the context of Islam and Muslim communities.