Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we have an NZ internet forum for this group?

The CouncilOfExMuslims.com forum already covers our needs really well. If you see a need for a more localised one, please email us (address on Contact page).

Why cant I access councilofexmuslims.com from NZ?

That site hosts a great online forum and other valuable resources for ex-Muslims, but for many years there was a technical problem with that website. It seems that if your computer's IP address is interpreted by that site as originating in Christchurch (and possibly other locations) you may see a "Forbidden" error 403 message. 

To our knowledge, IP addresses starting with 111.69.n.n had this problem (Snap Internet). You can check your current external IP address using sites such as http://whatismyipaddress.com.

If you do get this 403 'Forbidden' error, then you can work around the problem by temporarily reconfiguring your computer to use an internet Proxy server for HTTP, such as one in the UK or US. You can find them listed in many places such as www.freeproxylists.net.

Can I to emigrate to NZ, because it safe for ex-Muslims there?

Yes, NZ is a good safe place to live and there are a number of routes to potentially achieve this, but none of them is easy or quick. Taking them in order of preference:

  • Immigration via the normal NZ Immigration points system:
    • This path is strongly recommended if at all possible for you, but the process will take several months.
    • Immigration is controlled by Immigration NZ (part of a Government Ministry), and the best place to seek information is on their website.
    • Assuming you want to live here permanently, (rather than a temporary visit or student visa) and have no family here already, then you have two main options - Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) or Business Investor Category.
    • You may find it useful to talk with a licensed Immigration Advisor that is local to you. These are licensed by the NZ Government as capable and trusted to give good advice.
  • As a refugee or asylum seeker (not recommended, unless absolutely essential):
    • NZ take part in the UNHCR quota system for refugees where we take very small numbers (750 per year). The Refugee Status Branch (RSB) conduct regular visits to UNHCR refugee camps around the world, where they will accept refugees for resettlement in NZ. Most of the 750 refugees that NZ receives annually, come via this route.
    • To be accepted by UNHCR you have to be outside your home country.
    • There are official legal channels for individuals applying from outside NZ via the Refugee Status Branch (RSB) which is part of an NZ Government Ministry. There is a PDF document in various languages that describes the process for applying for asylum and a 28 page application form on that website.
    • If you seek to apply under the refugee route, you'll need to provide evidence of real threats against your safety and show that you and your family "face a risk of being persecuted or suffering torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment." 
    • However, if you apply via RSB and are rejected, this may have a negative impact on any subsequent travel visa if you want to travel to NZ - as a visitor for instance. The reason being that the authorities may suspect that you are attempting the third option below.
  • Simply arrive here and then claim asylum.
    • It happens, but it is highly risky and absolutely not recommended. 
    • The authorities do everything they can to spot people they suspect may be considering this, before they arrive, so it is not easy.
    • If you attempt this, you are most likely to simply end up on a flight straight back to where you came from. This is not a free flight - you will be expected to pay.
    • It is also very possible that you may be held in the Mangere Refugee Centre (or even prison if you are thought likely to abscond) while your case is assessed which can take 3 months.
    • In 2013 only approx 25% of asylum claims were accepted.

Additional information can be accessed via these links.

Are you going to improve this website?

Yes. What you see now is Phase 1, just to get things started. It will be improved over time.